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If you are planning a trip or you need some inspiration on where to travel, you could let the historic casinos guide you. This casino travel guide will recommend three historic and very unique casinos to travel to and they are all located in beautiful cities that are well worth a visit.

Gambling is not a new invention, we have been entertaining ourselves by gambling for decades, even centuries. And as a result, casinos have been around for a long time. Some of the most special and historic casinos have luckily been preserved. If you get the chance you should grant them a visit as they can present a window to the past and a beautiful and fun evening or more.  

Even though there is a lot to experience around India with its 28 states, it can be a great experience to travel elsewhere. Using the historic casino as a travel guide will lead you to three beautiful European cities that are worth a visit.


Prepare and Practice

Before you embark on your casino adventure, you should prepare by practicing your skills, so you will make sure that you can enter the establishments with class and with the possibility to experience the facilities by gambling. You can use an online casino to get a hold of the rules and strategies in poker and blackjack and to test out your luck at the roulette. 

Kurhaus in Baden Baden

This special and breathtaking casino is located in the old and beautiful city of Baden Baden.  

This is on the list of one of the oldest casinos as it was established in 1824. When you visit, you will experience a well-preserved exterior as well as interior. And this very unique building will take you right back to the 18th century with the glass chandeliers and the red velvet. It has been said that this place inspired Dostoyevsky to write his famous novel ‘The Gambler’. This place holds some interesting stories and it is very much worth a visit.

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Casino de Monte Carlo in Monaco

This is yet another beautiful building that was established in 1856 in the architectural style Beaux-Art and the interior is in art nouveau. As you could probably imagine it is a beautiful place that bears a great deal of history as well. And it has become quite a tourist attraction, where you can have a look inside the casino de Monte Carlo. The casino was used as a location in the Bond movies ‘Never Say Never Again’ and ‘Golden Eye’ and it has shown a clear effect on the number of visitors. The interest rose around the time of the premiere of the latest Bond movie probably due to the fact that the English agent visited the casino in those movies. 

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Casino Venezia

We have reached the oldest existing casino in the world, Casino Venezia in Venice. The building was founded in the 15th century at the Grand Canal and you can only access it by gondola which presents the perfect Venice experience. The architectural details of this building are stunning and it is worth a visit. There is a lot of special history connected to this old casino and I won’t deprive you of experiencing the stories on location. Visiting this casino you will be transformed back to earlier times, and you simply must visit this as this is living history.

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