Best Places to Eat in Trichy


Tiruchirapalli is one of the most culturally significant towns in South India. Many ancient monuments and temples make it a great tourist attraction which is why there are several hotels and restaurants available in the city to cater to these visitors. 

Thanks to the rich vegetation as well as the culture of Trichy, there are many special dishes you can try in this town. For your convenience we have compiled a list of the best places to eat in Trichy. Read on! And while you’re at it, if you’re interested in gold, check the gold rate today in Tirupati here.

Here are the 7 best places to eat in Trichy that you must try:

Kanappa Chettinadu Restaurant 

The Chettinad cuisine is one of the jewels of the southernmost regions of our country. It is characterized by its range of special masalas, salted Vegetables, and dried meats. The Kanappa Chettinadu Restaurant specializes in exactly this cuisine and becomes a good tourist attraction for those looking to explore new food options. Do visit it for an unforgettable experience! 

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Ezham Suvai

This one’s for the pure vegetarian food lovers. The Ezham Suvai restaurant specializes in Gujarati, Jain, and Chinese cuisines. It therefore makes up for a great family restaurant that you can visit and enjoy the food from on your day out in Tiruchirapalli. 


DiMoRa is for those with a special love for barbecue and the cafe-like aesthetic in restaurants. One of the most popular food places in Trichy, their barbecue specials are to die for! Do not miss out on their barbecue chicken. And hey, if you’re a finance nerd – here’s a fun fact! This restaurant was started by 3 young entrepreneurs only a few decades ago. Know more about investments in Trichy, check the gold rate today in Trichy here.

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Shri Sangeetha’s 

Shri Sangeetha’s is probably the most famous restaurant in Trichy you will hear of. It is known for its great appeal to vegans. It serves a variety of good vegetarian food that are sure to refresh your body and help you make your trip to Trichy memorable. 

Banana Leaf 

The banana leaf might have a name that reminds you of South India – but their menu is one of the most versatile in the city. From north to south to east to west, this place has it all. Its charming ambience is another reason to swear by it. 

KMS Hakkim Kalyana Biryani 

As grand and enticing as its name is, the KMS Hakkim Kalyana Biriyani is known and said to have the best biryani in Trichy! Therefore, it is definitely worth a visit for all Biryani lovers visiting Trichy.

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Chellamal Manpaanai Samayal 

This place looks beautiful from the outside as it is situated in a colorful building that represents the South Indian aesthetic. But there are so many more things this place stands out because of! They use traditional methods of cooking including stone grinding and oil extracting, while serving all their dishes on banana leaves. Their buffet – which has a total of 42 items, is certainly the biggest must try when it comes to food. Be sure to go here at least once on your visit to Trichy! 

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