Do People Still Play Classic Games Online?

Classic Games

Video games have come a long way since their early beginnings. Metroidvania platformers are long gone, yet the industry is trying hard to revive that era with a return to the roots. Of course, nothing comes close to the classics, which, a bit surprisingly, are still popular decades later.

Thanks to the wonders of the Internet, you can now play DOOM and DOOM II via your browser. What was once a game that put PCs to the test is now playable on browsers and via mobile phones too. Many of the ATARI and Nintendo games you played as a kid are available online as well. Some can be played through a browser, others need emulators, but they work for a slice of tasty nostalgia.

And it’s not just those games. Retirees enjoy Windows classics such as Solitaire, which has been a staple of the OS for some time. Casino collections are popular too. Even though live blackjack has come a long way since its early days, players love playing against the dealer on the web for fun. 

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Retro games are fun and offer a nostalgic ride, which is why classic games have been such a hit online.

Why Play Classic Games Online Rather than Via Console?

While mini classic game systems are now available on the cheap, people just prefer playing blackjack, Freecell or solitaire via their browsers. Why? It’s more convenient and you can access it anytime and anywhere. Sure, old-school consoles are pretty portable thanks to the tiny size, but when you can play classic games on the go with no fuss on your phone, why should you look for a used console?

If you prefer playing classics on your smartphone, you may find them as downloadable apps at the Google or App Store. If you’re on PC, Steam is the way to go. These apps and online stores offer a convenient way to enjoy your classic titles. Fan of Sega’s Sonic? You now have remastered versions of the classic games available for a tiny fee. Mega Man and similar platformers have been ported as well.

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The fact that you can play these classics anytime and anywhere is amazing. A decade earlier we all thought it was impossible.

Casino classics such as blackjack, roulette, and good ol’ poker is also available in classic variants online. You can either play them for fun in online casinos or you can find a social gaming site where you can play with friends. You can relive all those experiences from years ago by playing classics on online, and that’s precisely why people love them.

Software Preservation Thanks to the Internet

The Internet has opened up plenty of opportunities to bring retro gaming back into the limelight. With some websites packing over 5,000 classic games you can play with ease, you won’t find anything missing. We can only congratulate the effort. There have been plenty of games lost to the wheel of time, but thanks to retro game enthusiasts, software presentation is a real thing.

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And we’re glad for it. Not just because it’s a nostalgia trip. Some classic games deserve to be saved on the web in their pure form. Remasters and revivals are great too, but sometimes, all we want is a trip down memory lane via a classic train.

The gaming industry has moved far past those times, but there’s something about classic games that makes them undying. It’s a thriving industry with gamers buying CRTs and original cartridges just the rekindle that old flame. Of course, even more players enjoy classics online, so if you’re looking for a slice of that pie, there’s plenty of tasty stuff on the web.

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