Getting Started with Business Analysis Interview Preparation

Business Analysis

Business analyst understands the business requirement, technologies that are involved and it bridges the gap between stakeholders. A business analyst job is lucrative and holds the highest potential as it offers higher remuneration. Interested individuals must prepare for the business analysis interview question in advance as the competition is quite high in the current year and there are various candidates who have similar skill sets at various experience levels. Individuals must develop technical capabilities in a limited framework which impresses the hiring recruiter and even prove their expertise. The job requirement of a business analyst varies from organization to organization. 

In this article, let us check some of the typical business analysis interview questions:

What are the business analytics tools you have worked with?

This is one of the most asked questions which aims at evaluating technical skills. The various tools which one has worked must be mentioned on the resume which must be listed and shouldn’t rattle off. The candidate must even share the experience in a manner that the company employs and ensures that one must be totally experienced. The candidate must be crystal clear and must not pretend about the tools you are not aware of. 

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How do you observe yourself as an ideal candidate for the role of a business analyst?

By asking this type of question, the company wants to assess the understanding related to the job role of the candidate. Here in this question, one analyzes the job role and how to fit a candidate is for the role. You must answer the question in two parts i.e. firstly you must focus on educating by stating the relevant coursework which is related to job and second is to illustrate the experience, attitude, skills which makes one fit for the company. You can even answer this question by showcasing some of the examples of previous works. 

Describe the core competencies of a business analyst?

As every organization is different so the interviewer questions this to determine the core requirement of a business analyst profile. Candidates must ensure that they must check the organization’s job description for understanding the core competencies and evaluate and answer this question. The candidate must even answer this by stating that business analysts must even own exceptional negotiation and communication skills. Other vital attributes are analytical thinking, problem-solving, and decision-making. The business analyst must have the industry knowledge and how these skills are technical proficiency. 

List down some of the skills and tools used by Business analysts?

This question must be answered by combining technical as well as non-technical tools which are used by the business analyst. Technical skills or tools include MS Office, Google docs, database knowledge, ERP system, SQL, etc. Non-technical skills include documentation, business process management, requirement elicitation, etc. The candidate must even highlight the unique skills and describe them by incorporating the experience. 

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What are the technical skills you own?

Technical skills are highly proportional to value in the company. It is not essential that every candidate must have advanced technical skills which are like relational databases and SQL etc. These skills are desirable and exclusively used. Individuals must have some experience in using these technologies that ensure how one explains these to the interviewer. The candidate must even describe different business intelligence tools etc. 

What do you do first when you are provided with the new project?

This is one of the crucial questions which helps in assessing the experience along with project management and is also a very impactful thing for the job of business analyst. The ideal way to respond to this is clearly talking about project management style by including various phases and the different deliverables one must develop. Candidates must even provide examples when one must change the method for better fitting a particular project which demonstrates the flexibility to the hiring manager. 

Why is a business analyst required in a company?

Big and small companies both need a business analyst. Check the below reasons for the same:

  • Deploy system in a company where there is a requirement to understand the basic framework and structure along with critical dynamics of the company. 
  • Identify improvement potential and even understand the contemporary problem of the target company. 
  • Ensure that the end-user, customer and developer even share a unique understanding of the target company. 

What are the current challenges faced by you as a business analyst?

The candidate must check the below-mentioned challenges and must answer accordingly:

  • Change management: this is one of the crucial challenges which is faced by the data analyst as it happens in real-time. This occurs when one gets the requirement set from the customer side. Development begins when the client arises with various changes. 
  • Cross-team management: this is yet another conflict that is faced by business analysts mainly. This requires soft skills and smartness. 
  • Communication issues: this is yet the third type of problem which is faced by the candidate. Candidates must be good at communication i.e in speaking English and understand the same. 
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How do you find this profession different from other professions?

Business analysis is different from other profiles such as financial analysis, project management, quality assurance, testing, training, and documentation development. This even depends on the company, business analysts must even perform the functions well based on the functions. The business analyst even works on developing software and must be called an IT business analyst, technical business analyst, etc. 


The candidate must be familiarized with essential techniques as different questions pop up around various forms. The candidate must brush up on the skills for answering the business analysis interview question. The candidate must even describe the answers while explaining any documentation. By answering the interview answer, you must be patient enough for having a better understanding of the question and even provide relevant information. 

The candidate must highlight and even focus on the strength that the candidate owns and how to establish the effectiveness. A business analyst is one of the crucial job profiles in a company where the expectation is comparatively high. Ensure to make the resume valuable and add all the current skills for upscaling the skills. 

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