Which Will Be The Most Popular Sport By 2050?

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In a rapidly changing world, it is important to monitor the trends in different sports and activities. This article will explore which sport is likely to be the most popular by 2050. We will examine how much money each sports league makes, what are the top five popular sports in 2022, and what a future of cybersports may look like. 

How Much Money Does Each Sports League Make? 

The amount of money that each sports league makes can give us an indication of which sport is likely to be the most popular in the future. As of 2020, football (soccer) is the most popular sport worldwide, with its largest leagues (such as the English Premier League) making billions of dollars in revenue every year. Other big earners include basketball (the NBA), baseball (MLB), and cricket (IPL). Hockey has also seen a resurgence in popularity over recent years, with its top leagues such as NHL raking in millions of dollars each season. 

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What Is The Top 5 Popular Sport in The World 2022? 

As for which sport will be the most popular by 2050, it is difficult to predict this far ahead into the future. However, one thing is for certain: football will remain at the top of the list for quite some time. It has already been established as one of the world’s biggest sports and its popularity continues to grow every year. Other contenders for becoming one of the top five global sports by 2050 include basketball, baseball, cricket and hockey – all of which have large fan bases around the world and are expected to continue growing in popularity over time. 

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What’s A Future Of Cybersports?

 One potential wildcard when predicting which sport will become most popular by 2050 is cybersports – or “eSports” as they are sometimes called. These competitive gaming events have grown exponentially over recent years and have become hugely popular among both casual gamers and professional players alike. It remains to be seen whether eSports will overtake traditional sports such as football or cricket – but there’s no denying that these events are quickly gaining traction worldwide and could very well become one of our most beloved pastimes within just a few decades’ time. 


With so many different factors at play when predicting which sport will be most popular by 2050, it’s impossible to say for certain which one it will be. While soccer looks set to remain at the top for some time yet – other contenders such as basketball, baseball, cricket and hockey could also potentially rise up through their own respective fanbases over time too! As for Esports – only time will tell if these competitive gaming events can truly overtake traditional sports on a global scale – but it certainly looks promising right now! All things considered – we should expect plenty more changes between now and then!

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