5 Reasons You Must Choose Stock Market Over Fixed Deposits

online stock market

Why Choose Equity over FD?

According to market analysts, online stock market investing is the best bet since it allows you to build a diverse portfolio and are a better option than fixed deposits. Investing in the online stock market isn’t a game of luck that will make you rich overnight; rather, it is based on well-defined patterns, trends, methodologies, and principles. Because there is a greater probability that the company will fail and all the investors’ money will be lost, stocks have historically delivered better returns than bonds. 

When a company performs well, however, a stock’s price will rise despite the risk, which may even benefit the investor. You can benefit from the company’s dividend income at the end of the year if you own stock. This bonus is only available if you hold the stocks for the whole year. If you choose non-cumulative fixed deposits, you will get dividends at regular intervals.

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What Makes Equity the Best Online Stock Market Investing Option?

The major benefit of an equity investment is the opportunity to increase the value of the principal amount invested. Dividends and capital gains are instances of this. For a little initial investment, an equity fund offers a wide range of investment options.

Online Stock Market Investing in Equities with a Smaller Amount of Capital

Investing in FDs is not possible without a huge amount of capital. But, in the case of equities, you can start trading with much less. For instance, if you have a capital of Rs 1 lakh, then you can easily start trading in stock and securities.

Higher Returns

Investing in an online stock market will yield better returns than investing in fixed-income securities. Long-term returns on stocks can vary from 14 to 16 percent, whereas FD returns average approximately 7 percent. As a result, stocks have a significant return advantage over FDs. 

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Equities Provide High Liquidity

Investments in FDs are difficult to convert into cash. However, you may swiftly convert stocks into cash by selling them using your online trading account, and the funds will be sent into your bank account within a few days.

Beats Inflation

Because businesses invest in assets with money borrowed from investors and creditors, long-term equity returns surpass inflation, allowing them to earn larger returns. According to market commentators, if inflation is ten percent and the economy expands ten percent, stocks will provide a 20 percent return. 

Furthermore, investing in shares gives you the benefit of a risk premium. Simply explained, the equity risk premium is the difference between stock market excess returns and the risk-free rate, which pays you for taking on the higher risk of investing in stocks.

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Tax Benefits

If you invest in the online stock market, you can decrease your taxes by balancing short-term capital gains against short-term capital losses.

You can utilise your capital gains to offset your capital losses for up to eight years if you choose the carry forward option.

You can avoid taxes by investing in Equity-Linked Savings Schemes (ELSS) under Section 80C of the Income Tax Act. 

Equity has unbeatable performance among various asset classes, like:

  • Capital appreciation 
  • Dividend income 
  • Compounding impact


As a result, equities have a historical record of outperforming money market funds, gold, and real estate investments. Finding a trustworthy financial partner that can provide services such as an online demat account, a cutting-edge trading account, and the best stock and scheme guidance is crucial when it comes to investing in the online stock market.

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