Cryptocurrency Withdrawal – Features and Nuances

cryptocurrency withdrawal

There are several ways to cash out a cryptocurrency – a bitcoin exchanger, exchanges, EPS, etc. How to do it quickly, reliably, and with the most significant benefit?

The popularity of cryptocurrency is growing every year. Large investors and ordinary people are interested in bitcoins and altcoins. But while the traditional economy uses the usual currency, you must balance cash and cryptocurrency. The issue of withdrawing apecoin to usd remains open. What are the options?

Option number 1 – exchangers

The bitcoin exchanger is the best way to get cash when selling bitcoins in Europe. To exchange cryptocurrency for money, follow a few simple steps:

  • go to the site of the exchanger;
  • choose the method of receiving funds;
  • indicate which cryptocurrency you want to withdraw;
  • perform the exchange operation.
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You transfer cryptocurrency to the account at the agreed rate, and taking into account commissions; you receive cash in the office or payment in a dollar to the card.

If you need to withdraw cryptocurrency quickly, we recommend Letsexchange. The service has popular cryptocurrencies and exchanges for the dollar (which is very important for residents of Europe). You can subscribe to the telegram channel and receive daily updates on cryptocurrency rates.

  • transfer to the card of any bank (you will only have to cash out money at the nearest ATM);
  • cash payment in the office (just come to them and pick up the money).

The whole procedure takes very little time. She is safe. No lengthy verifications and 5-day transfer waiting times.

Option number 2 – crypto exchanges

On exchanges, you can buy uniswap to usd, sell cryptocurrency, and even cash it out. Register, replenish your account with digital assets, and sell currency for fiat. The next step is a withdrawal to a bank card or account, an electronic wallet. After completing the operation, you can withdraw money from the card or account.

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Withdrawal using a cryptocurrency exchange has some features:

  • to withdraw electronic cash, use only proven, popular and reliable platforms;
  • replenishment of the exchange account takes 10 minutes, but the withdrawal is delayed for 3-5 days;
  • most exchanges allow you to cash out cryptocurrency only after passing the verification procedure, which is quite lengthy and tedious.

Option number 3 – electronic payment systems

Electronic wallets are universal. In them, you can open an account not only in national or foreign currency but also in cryptocurrency. A conversion service works inside the EPS. You can transfer bitcoins to another account. During this procedure, an exchange takes place. After such a conversion, it is enough to withdraw money from the electronic wallet. They can be transferred to a card or another method (each EPS offers its methods of depositing and withdrawing funds).

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Option number 4 – direct exchange

Along with centralized services and systems, regular exchange between users is possible. One person wants to buy bitcoin; the other wants to get cash. They meet or arrange an online transfer and make a deal. You can find those who wish to withdraw money on thematic sites and forums, but less often on social networks.

This option is not always profitable because the cryptocurrency buyer often sets an overpriced rate. Another disadvantage of direct exchange is the lack of guarantees. It is straightforward to run into a scammer, as well as to lose your savings.

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