Tips for Shopping for Rudraksha


Rudraksh has been considered one of the essential Indian gemstones, which has enormous importance in Indian mythology. It is considered to be the tears of Lord Shiva. With this being the importance of Rudraksha, it is essential to mention that it is not only a piece of jewelry but also an essential article for the internal transformation. 

It is considered the most critical component of your daily life, which can achieve a considerable amount of internal consciousness in a person’s life. With this being the importance of this gemstone, it is essential to know more about this. The essential details concerning this material have been given in the following way. 

Meaning of Rudraksha

It is considered to be the dried seed of a tree. It effectively grows in the locations of Southeast Asia. This is a crucial gemstone associated with Lord Shiva’s importance. Lord Shiva was always seen wearing this gemstone. This gemstone has been considered the most auspicious gemstone in Indian mythology. 

Wearing this gemstone is very supportive. It helps in the maintenance of physical and mental states of mind. It also Lays down a helping hand for getting connected with spirituality. The fantastic properties of this gemstone make this one of the most wanted gemstones in all the parts of the world, irrespective of ethnic and cultural differentiation.


 But over the period, there has been a lot of duplication in the making of the stem stone. Many people have been complaining about the artificial character of the gemstone. Some people are also complaining about the different types available in this gemstone that are not clear. This article will try to provide an essential guide that must be helpful for every person to understand the best purchase. The list of these essential factors has been given in the following way. 

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Determine the bead size

The most crucial factor which has to be considered while purchasing this gemstone is the size of the bead. Since every gemstone looks the same in this category, it isn’t easy to differentiate between artificial and natural. The only distinguishing factor between the different types of gemstones can be the size of the bead. It usually varies from 5 mm to 8 mm. If you want to purchase an authentic Rudraksha, you have to choose the Panchmukhi Mala. 

This is one of the most promising and the best quality bead size available in this gemstone category. But it is essential to understand that determining this panchmukhi on the face of the gemstone can be a bit challenging and confusing. Every gemstone looks the same on its face of it. But the size of the bead can be an essential factor that can help distinguish between the artificial and the role one. If the size of the bead is large, then there is a high possibility that the same is not the authentic one. But if the size of the bead is minor, then the chances of incorporating an artificial rudraksha are significantly less. 

Cost of the gemstone

The cost of the gemstone also plays a vital role in determining whether the gemstone is artificial or not. The small-sized gemstones are tough to collect. That is why they are costly compared to the larger ones who fall on the ground and can be easily collected. Therefore, it is advisable to choose expensive gemstones compared to the cheaper ones because the price can be an essential factor determining the authenticity of a gemstone. 

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You can also consider other factors, such as the variants in the price and the stability in the price. The more expensive the gemstone is, the higher the probability of the divine and spiritual powers it is infused with. Therefore, it is helpful to the greatest possible extent in establishing a connection that will connect with the higher divine powers. This is one of the most critical factors to be considered at every cost. Want to wear a bracelet rudraksha then we can help you out with the right options. 


The stability of the gemstone also helps in determining the authenticated gemstone. If a particular gemstone is available at different prices in a given market, then there is a possibility that the same is not original and is artificial. This is an essential concern because if the gemstone can maintain a constant and stable price in the entire market, it can indicate that it is the same as the original. 

This should be analyzed before purchasing the gemstone because this is very advantageous in the long run. It is going to create a positive impact over some time. That is why ascertaining the most significant amount of caution at the time of purchase is essential to avoid inconvenience at the latest stage. Extensive research can be conducted in the market for this particular purpose. It is going to be helpful to the greatest possible extent.

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Number of faces

Before purchasing the gemstone, you also must consider the number of faces you want on the Rudraksha. The most common type available is the Panchmukhi mudras which have 5 faces. It can be worn by any person above the age of 14 years. But if you want to purchase dvimukhi Rudraksh, you can also do that because it only has two faces and is used for married couples. 

You can also purchase this shanmukhi RudrakshaRudraksha, which has approximately 6 faces. This is the one which is used for people below the age of 14 years. It is extensively worn by the children to maintain their health and to maintain the focus on their studies. 


It can be concluded that all of these factors play a vital role in the ultimate determination regarding the best type of gemstone that a person must purchase. It’s an essential practice that must be considered at almost every cost.

 It is helpful to the greatest exchange possible because it has a vast spiritual advantage and must be considered before doing anything else. That is why a proper analysis of all these factors must be made before choosing it so that it is the best. Are you planning to buy a rudraksha bracelet then Snapdeal is the right place to have a look at a huge collection of the same. 

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